Sunday, May 16, 2010


You might want to go grab a pen and paper to jot down your answers to the WINE POP QUIZ questions.....
(15 seconds later)
1 What is the ideal humidity for storing wine? a)0% b)30%-50% c)50%to 70%
2. What's the best temperature for storing wine? a) 55 degrees b) 68 degrees c) 42 degrees
3. True or False: Heat does more damage to wine than light as it ages?
4. Most white Burgundies are made with which white grape? a) chardonnay b) Sauvignon Blanc c) Muscadet
5. True or False: Bread and wine are both fermented with yeast?
6. True or False: Tannic wines are best with spicy foods like chilies?
7. What is an unexpectedly delicious pairing with fried chicken? a) champagne b) Rose c) Beaujolais d) all of the above
8. How many wineries are there in California as of 2009? a)677 b)3,047 c) 5,019
9. Which country drinks more wine by volume that the United States? a) Italy b) Spain c) China
10. Of the 103 Master Sommeliers in North America, how many are women? a) 3 b) 14 c) 53
Answers tomorrow...send the blog your answers

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