Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Alright, I have blogged enough sweets for a to my favorite snack...SALT! I love salted nuts, but even I will say sometimes they get a bit boring.....NO MORE!

Planters have outdone themselves in these almond and cashew flavors.....they beg a nice cold beer...isn't that what summer is all about. These cashews and almonds are skinless and have great flavors.

For almond lovers the flavors are:
Cracked Pepper & Onion
Sea Salt & Olive Oil (my favorite)
Chili Lime

For cashew lovers the flavors are:
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper (my other favorite)

These are VERY hard to stop eating and their natural ingredients make them a much better snack for your health. Six ounce bags are in your grocery for about $5.00

Visit the Planters website for more delicious information!

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