Friday, July 9, 2010


Yes, they call it the Coney Island Strong Man....not sure why. This cocktail is being blogged for.. "you know who you are"

The Coney Island Strong Man is a signature drink at Coppa's located at 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston, MA and costs $9.00.

Sounds ever so strange to me, but I think it just might work. This is the actual picture of the cocktail at Coppa's and I do love the glass.

The general manager at Coppa's says " It's something that people haven't seen before.... A lot of people squeeze lime or lemon in their beer anyway. This does all that for you, but we mixed in a little extra booze in there to get the job done."

BOTTOM LINE: Chartreuse makes everything better and the lager here explodes with sweetly herbaceous goodness!


1 oz yellow chartreuse
1 oz green chartreuse
3/4 oz lemon juice
1 Miller High Life Pony
Serve on the rocks in a tall mug (above)

MY BOTTOM LINE: Ya it's something people haven't seen before and maybe for a REASON????? Anything you add a little extra booze to MUST be good. To call a Miller High Life Pony a HERBACEOUS LAGER is a BIGGGGGGG stretch don'tcha think?????

But as always, I'll give it a go!
Happy Friday, Bernie

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