Friday, July 16, 2010


Again a Boston Globe suggestion....The Dark and Slightly Overcast libation can be slowly summer-sipped at:
Savant Project
1625 Tremont Street
Manager Maureen Hauteniemi says "All the cool hipster bars have Dark and Stormies, this is our take on the standard drink". A Dark and Stormy is rum and ginger beer.
Peach-infused Rum
Ginger Beer
Lime garnish
In a glass with ice, pour in ginger beer about 3/4 up the glass, top with peach rum and garnish with lime. Very refreshing and sweet.
Bottom Line: Smooth sailing. The peach flavor plays nice with the ginger beer for a subtle twist on the classic seaside sipper.
MY BOTTOM LINE: I only know one person who likes ginger beer, which by the way is not beer. I am wondering if he or Kathy is reading this. I am sure he would love this since he used to drink rum and cokes...need I say more...(yuk!). I am only going with this since it IS Friday and it IS cocktail hour(s) for ME!

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