Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is definitely for my husband and daughter. Every weekend...they want the griddle out for some kind of french toast or pancake DELIGHT.....I am always good with an egg and english muffin..sorry gang...The brown sugar and butter in this recipe create a caramelized crust on the toast.
8 slices of french toast bread (1 inch thick)
fresh raspberries
1 stick of unsalted butter, room temp
7 tbl light brown sugar
2 cups whole milk
4 large eggs
1 tbl vanilla extract
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
powdered sugar
Good maple syrup
Mix the butter and brown sugar in a bowl. In another bowl, whisk together milk, eggs, vanilla and spices. Melt 3 tbl of the brown sugar-butter mixture in each of two large skillets over medium-high heat. Dip bread slices 1 at a time in the egg mixture and put 4 slices in each skillet. Cook until bottoms are golden brown, about 3-4 minutes. Spread the remaining brown sugar-butter mixture on the tops of each slice. Turn slices over and cook until golden brown. Remove from the pans and sprinkle powdered sugar on the tops of each slice. Add raspberries and serve with maple syrup.
For an even over the top twist to the raspberries with mascarpone cheese...DELICIOUS!

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