Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This Portland, OR landmark creates the Best, "CRAZIEST" doughnuts in all the world!
Ken Pogson and Tres Shannon had been wacky friends for a long time and wanted to open a business together. They are funky so their dream business was funky. Then reality became their dream...a funky doughnut shop!
Crazier still, neither one knew how to make a doughnut. After travels, to LA to learn from some of the best, their own creations have been highlighted on many Travel Channels including most notably Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations in which he went back days later for seconds.
Their signature VooDoo Doughnut is the Gingerbread Man shaped doughnut with a pretzel stick stabbed in its abdomen and red jelly "blood" filling. Most people I know gravitate to the bacon maple bar (shown above) which is topped with strips of fried bacon. They make doughnuts with toppings of Fruit Loops, Oreo's, peanut butter and chocolate chips to name a few. The menu changes as much as their funky minds will allow.
There have a "Tex-Ass" challenge to anyone who can eat a glazed doughnut the size of 6 full-size doughnuts in 80 seconds or less...if you can It's Free!
And for you Vegans, they have a variety for you as well.
I will be there in a few weeks and plan a visit for sure and I don't even like doughnuts.
Right in the heart of "Old Town" Portland, if you go there...GO THERE!

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