Thursday, April 15, 2010


Days shy of 45 years since he invented boxed wine, Australian winemaker Thomas Angove died at age 92. He was also the first winemaker to use stainless steel to store wine in bulk.

His son runs the business now and admits that when he was 15, his Dad brought home a prototype and he said...."That's ridiculous Dad, no one is ever going to buy wine out of a carton box or a plastic bag...but my Dad persevered, didn't listen to me and was determined."

Ironically in is will, he asked to be buried in a glass bottle!!!!!

So raise a glass and toast the man who has changed (be it for better or worse) wine history. On a side husband and I have tried many of these boxed wine. I am a Kendall Jackson drinker true and true so it was pretty hard to find one that compared. Overall the best I tasted was Black Box. However, for me it has to be opened in the refrigerator for about 24 hours to get a little mellower....

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